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Resolution of the IP Federation Council February 2023

Document No: PUB 1/23 Posted: 23 February 2023
Resolutions of the IP Federation Council February 2023, passed on 1o February 2023 with immediate effect, to –
  • clarify that an application for membership may be in the form of an e‑mail request; and
  • change the registered office address to 2nd Floor, Halton House, 20-23 Holborn, London EC1N 2JD

Resolution of the IP Federation Council March 2020

Document No: PUB 1/20 Posted: 16 March 2020
Resolution of the IP Federation Council March 2020, passed on 13 March 2020 with immediate effect, to designate the following committees of the Federation open committees:
  • Copyright and Design Committee
  • Data and Copyright Committee
  • Licensing and Competition Law Committee
  • Litigation Committee
  • Patent Committee
  • Trade Mark Committee

Review of the Current Patent Harmonisation Initiatives

Document No: PUB 20C/14 Posted: 03 March 2015

We are in a unique position where there are several patent harmonisation initiatives being pursued by the larger Patent Offices. There is an active industry participation in these activities and it is to be hoped that major changes that are beneficial to the users and the Offices result.

Reform of the UK Designs Legal Framework

Document No: PUB 20M/12 Posted: 08 March 2013
In 2010–2011, there were three official consultations on UK design law (Trends and Events, 2010, at pages 12–13; Trends and Events, 2011, at pages 11–12 and 12–13). In July 2012, the IPO published Consultation on the Reform of the UK Designs Legal Framework, this time with specific proposals for change. Further comment was invited. Legislation is likely in the 2013–2014 Parliamentary session.

Role of Government in Protecting and promoting Intellectual Property

Document No: PUB 20N/12 Posted: 08 March 2013

The All-Party Intellectual Property Group announced on 14 March 2012 that it was to conduct an inquiry into the role of Government in protecting and promoting intellectual property. The Group decided to look at this issue because responsibility for development and enforcement of IP policy sits across many Government departments and agencies. There have been numerous reviews into IP policy in the last ten years but the decision-making framework within which policy is developed and agreed had not been sufficiently examined.

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