IP Federation Patent Committee – expertise in practice

Document No: PUB 20P/23 Posted: 24 April 2024

It’s rarely a route to fame or fortune to say you’re a member of any committee, let alone a specialist one in the arcane field of intellectual property. So why do experts from innovative industry give up time from their very busy day jobs to participate in the IP Federation Patent Committee? Let’s see.

Under the able chairing of Rob Knight (supported in the background by his gently snoozing dog), the Patent Committee meets by videoconference three times a year. Each meeting attracts about fifteen experts who really know how the patent system works, and could work better, in practice. Collectively, they cover a wide range of technologies and so are able to take a cross-sectoral view.

But what’s the Patent Committee for? Well, it’s main purpose is to take a more detailed look at important patent issues than the Council has time for. It doesn’t have a decision-making role – that’s for Council – but it is well qualified to undertake analysis and give advice. A key benefit for its members comes from knowledge-sharing. It’s amazing how much people learn from one another in the course of the Committee’s discussions.