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Role of Government in Protecting and promoting Intellectual Property

Document No: PUB 20N/12 Posted: 08 March 2013

The All-Party Intellectual Property Group announced on 14 March 2012 that it was to conduct an inquiry into the role of Government in protecting and promoting intellectual property. The Group decided to look at this issue because responsibility for development and enforcement of IP policy sits across many Government departments and agencies. There have been numerous reviews into IP policy in the last ten years but the decision-making framework within which policy is developed and agreed had not been sufficiently examined.

Review of EU Customs Anti-Counterfeiting Regulation

Document No: PUB 7/10 Posted: 14 December 2010

The Commission was instructed by the EU Council in 2008 to consider improve­ments to the current regulation (EC 1383/2003) under which customs authorities suspend goods for import, export or in transit when they appear to be counterfeit or pirated, or to otherwise infringe an IP right. The Council was increasingly con­cerned about the globalisation of counterfeiting, especially of dangerous counter­feit goods, and about the sale of counterfeits over the Internet. The Commission consulted widely during the first half of 2010 and is presently con­sidering the re­sults. The Federation has responded in the past to similar consulta­tions but on this occasion, BUSINESSEUROPE responded on behalf of Europe-wide industry.

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