About the IP Federation

Improving the intellectual property (IP) framework to meet the needs of innovative industry

The IP Federation represents the views of UK industry in intellectual property rights (IPR) policy and practice matters within the UK, Europe and internationally. It believes that a cost effective, high quality IPR framework is a critical component in industry’s present and future successes in the global economy.

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Latest news

Improving the IP framework to meet the needs
of innovative industry

Celebrating the first anniversary of the unitary patent system

31 May 2024

The IP Federation recognises a year of success of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) since it opened on 1 June 2023. In just one year, the court has taken on over 330 cases, with its local and central divisions, as well as the Court of Appeal, delivering numerous rulings and

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IP Federation Review 2023

03 April 2024

The annual newsletter in which the Federation reviews its previous year’s activities, IP Federation Review 2023 (formerly Trends and Events), has now been published. It provides an overview of those intellectual property issues which engaged industry during that period and tries to look beyond current

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Amicus curiae brief on Enlarged Board of Appeal case G 1/23

13 March 2024

The IP Federation has submitted observations at the European Patent Office as amicus curiae in respect of Enlarged Board of Appeal case G 1/23 (“solar cell”). This relates to when prior use is excluded from the prior art for lack of enablement.

Although we have submit

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