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Intellectual property (IP) law and Brexit – summary of main requests for the UK government

Document No: PUB 2/17 Posted: 04 January 2018

Joint Brexit note providing a short list of the biggest areas where UK government action is neces­sary to ensure continuity and certainty of IP law and to prevent disruption both to undertakings which use IP services and IP service providers. Key recommendations are made in the following areas:

  1. Continuation of EU-derived IP rights.
  2. Unitary Patent / Unified Patent Court Agreement.
  3. Exhaustion of rights.
  4. Rights of representation.
  5. Mutual recognition of judgments.

and written or supported by the following organisations that represent the main UK IP professions, including IP solicitors, IP barristers, chartered patent attorneys, and chartered trade mark attorneys:

  • Law Society of England and Wales 
  • Intellectual Property Bar Association 
  • Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys 
  • Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys 
  • IP Federation

IP Federation – Advancing industry’s view on intellectual property since 1920

Document No: PUB 2/14 Posted: 08 December 2014
Double-sided A4 trifold leaflet, which can be printed as needed, outlining the IP Federation, founded in 1920 as the Trade Marks, Patents and Designs Federation (TMPDF) in order to coordinate the views of industry and commerce in the United Kingdom, and to make representations to the appropriate authorities on policy and practice in intellectual property (IP) matters

Presidents of the IP Federation

Document No: PUB 4/12 Posted: 27 November 2012
Presidents of the IP Federation formerly the Trade Marks, Patents and Designs Federation

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