Governance of the IP Federation is according to the following principles:

  • The Federation is a UK registered company limited by guarantee, operating under articles of association fully revised in October 2012.
  • Its members (as of 30 November 2012) comprised 30 companies paying the “council fee” and 8 companies paying the “committee-only fee”. (Additional funding may be received from associates of the Federation, as of 30 November 2012 4 in number, who have no voting rights.)
  • The Federation’s decision-making on most major issues is by a council which usually meets 11 times per year. The councillors are representatives of the members which pay the council fee plus, optionally, co-opted councillors* (as of 30 November 2012, there were 3 co-opted councillors), plus a representative of the CBI.
  • One of the councillors is the president* of the Federation and (usually) its sole director.* Optionally, one or more other councillors are vice- presidents.*
  • There is a governance committee consisting of a chairman* not being the president, the president ex officio, and from 3 to 5 other councillors*. The terms of reference of the governance committee include financial scrutiny. Its chairman reports to the council.
At general meetings of the Federation (usually just an annual general meeting in July of each year), all members vote, most particularly in relation to the occupancy of the positions asterisked in the previous list.
There are in addition “open committees” (such as the patent committee) to which all members of the Federation are entitled to send representatives.
The current list of responsibilities for committee members is as follows:
Staff issues Gill Smith and Julie Dunnett
Finance Ruth Barcock
Travel policy and approval of travel Steven Ward
Premises and other assets James Horgan
Membership Alistair Scott
Reviews of registers Alistair Scott
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