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IP Federation biographies

Document No: PUB 20G/12 Posted: 08 March 2013

Dr Bobby Mukherjee is a qualified UK and European Patent Attorney with over 16 years’ experience of IP work gained in private practice and at BAE Systems plc. He is currently the Chief Counsel – IP & Technology Law, BAE Systems. He has represented his current employer on the Patents Committee and Council of the IP Federation for some of those years.

Innovative tools and processes at the European Patent Office

Document No: PUB 10/11 Posted: 13 February 2012
The European Patent Office (EPO) is committed to harmonising its work with that of other patent offices around the world with a view both to increasing efficiency and quality. If any­thing, these efforts have accelerated under the current EPO president, Mr Benoît Bat­ti­stelli. Principal forums in which harmonisation is discussed are the bilateral meetings with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), trilateral meetings also including the Japan­ese Patent Office (JPO) and the “IP5” group, which additionally includes the Chinese and Korean intellectual property offices.
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