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This part of the site is up-to-date from 2004; relevant position papers prior to then are obtainable from the Secretariat.

Text and data mining (TDM) in the UK

Document No: PP 5/23 Posted: 10 November 2023
Text and data mining (TDM) in the UK – multi-organisation letter urging the UK Government to ensure the UK is a favourable place to develop and use safe AI, by clarifying that public and legally accessed data is available for AI training and analysis in its code of practice

Trade Secrets, Patents and Rio+20 Developments

Document No: PP 14/12 Posted: 20 June 2012

Letter to Liz Coleman at the IPO, in the context of negotiations for the Rio+20 sustainable development conference in Rio de Janeiro, asking the IPO to ensure that UK and EU negotiators enter the final stages of the negotiations well-prepared and with a very clear technology-related brief

Third party observations at the EPO

Document No: PP 11/11 Posted: 20 June 2011

Letter to the EPO asking it to reconsider its decision not to include a “clarity” tab on the proposed web page for making observations, and to amend the Guidelines to make explicit the fact that third parties may object under Art. 115 EPC to lack of clarity of the claims of European patent applications.