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This part of the site is up-to-date from 2004; relevant position papers prior to then are obtainable from the Secretariat.

EU Justice Sub-Committee – Intellectual property and the Unified Patent Court

Document No: PP 7/18 Posted: 12 November 2018
IP Federation submission to the EU Justice Sub-Committee on intellectual property and the Unified Patent Court, in connection with the inquiry looking at the impact that Brexit could have on the status of EU related IP laws within the UK, including those pertaining to the realm of life sciences and healthcare

Opting out during the sunrise period at the Unified Patent Court

Document No: PP 5/17 Posted: 14 June 2017

Letter to Alexander Ramsay, chair of the UPC Preparatory Committee, expressing concerns with the current lack of clarity around how the Unified Patent Court (UPC) opt-out process will work during the sunrise period at a practical level, including how our member companies will be able to register their staff both as official UPC Representatives and as users of the content management system (CMS) for the opt-out process

Reform of the Boards of Appeal

Document No: PP 7/16 Posted: 11 July 2016

IP Federation comments on EPO Administrative Council paper CA/43/16 outlining proposals for the reform of the EPO Boards of Appeal (BoA)

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