Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

Document No: PUB 20L/20 Posted: 01 February 2021

Some may think that artificial intelligence (AI) has featured more in Hollywood than in our daily lives. The depiction of artificial intelligence in films is, all too often, the super intelligent robot that can outperform us mortals at just about everything. Terminator™ style machines that threaten to take over the world, before someone is able to pull the plug.

The reality of artificial intelligence is, of course, very different. It's not Arnie; it’s actually a set of technologies which can complement the capabilities of humans. The things that humans can do, and the things that artificial intelligence is suited to, are typically very different and very complementary.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more pervasive, touching every aspect of our day. It is carefully filing away your junk emails, it is improving your search engine, it is getting you to where you need to be, on time, while playing the music you want to hear.