IP Owners Step up to the Plate

22 May 2020

On 23 April 1920 the IP Federation, originally called the Trade Marks, Patents and Designs Federation, was formed to represent the interests of large IP owning companies in the matter of policy and rule-making in the field of IP.

The centenary of the IP Federation could hardly have come at a more challenging and difficult time for the economy.

In the past, it has been asserted that intellectual property rights are unhelpful in times of crisis, when technological cooperation is most called for. However, the reaction of the UK’s biggest IP owning businesses to the current crisis could not paint a more different picture.

A combination of continuing innovation and the sharing of hard-earned rights, the result of so much investment of time, money and resources, is being used to combat the challenges facing our society as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

That sharing has taken many different forms and encompassed many different intellectual property rights. Companies have literally opened their books and shared complex technical drawings, tools, data and know-how. Highly qualified personnel have been mobilised across different companies to ensure that this cooperation is effective in the achievement of key goals. Vital innovation has been pooled and shared to enable rapid progress in technology and pharmaceutical developments.

The help, innovation and cooperation of IP Federation member companies in support of those handling the Covid-19 crisis has taken many different forms.

What all of this reflects is the unprecedented mobilisation of corporate resources and expertise to respond to this unique crisis and to try to help people all over the world to cope and survive. Far from hiding behind commercial or legal barriers, the members of the IP Federation are looking outwards and using their vast resources of innovative skills and experience to help a world in need.

More details can be found in the linked IP Federation article, IP Owners Step up to the Plate. Such a fantastic response to this crisis is a fitting way to mark 100 years of creative and supportive innovation.