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European Patent Office Single Patent Process (SPP) Programme

Document No: PUB 10/10 Posted: 14 December 2010
The EPO launched the Single Patent Process (SPP) Programme in April 2009 to redesign and improve the patent and business processes of the EPO. The SPP Programme team have car­ried out a detailed analysis of all the current EPO processes and have used this analysis as the basis for proposals to simplify and automate the work. A major feature of SPP will be an electronic dossier for every application and the eventual phasing out of the labour-intensive maintained paper files.

European Qualifying Examination (EQE)

Document No: PUB 9/10 Posted: 20 July 2010

In 2012, the EQE will have its first major change since the first examination in 1979. With effect from 2012 there will be a pre-examination which is designed to act as a filter to reduce the number of candidates sitting the full examination without sufficient preparation. The “main” examination in its new form will be held for the first time in 2013. Candidates must pass the pre-examination before being allowed to sit the main examination. The pre-examination may be taken after two years full-time training.

EU Patent Reform

Document No: PUB 8/10 Posted: 14 December 2010

On 4 December 2009 the Competitiveness Council adopted a package of measures (“Con­clusions on an Enhanced patent system in Europe”) setting the foundation for both an EU-wide patent and a unified patent litigation system (UPLS) in Europe. 

The Council Conclusions are a significant milestone, marking political agreement on key components of both the EU Patent and UPLS projects, and giving the green light for work to continue on both dossiers.
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