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IP Federation annual accounts 31 December 2016

IP Federation Equal Opportunities Policy 2016

IP Federation annual accounts 31 December 2015

Consultation by the Legal Services Board on regulation of in-house lawyers

Designs in the UK

EPO Update

EU Patent Reform

India National Intellectual Property Policy

IP Federation biographies

Patent Harmonisation – What is happening?

Patents and Standards

Progress on the EU Trade Secrets Directive

The Federation’s activities

UK implementation and ratification of the UPC Agreement

Why is diversity so important and why should it matter to you?

Trends and Events 2015

IP Federation Anti-Bribery Policy 2015

IP Federation Subscription Payment Policy 2015

IP Federation annual accounts 31 December 2014

The Intellectual Property Act 2014

Federation Activities

Review of the Current Patent Harmonisation Initiatives

Progress on the EU Trade Secrets Directive

IP Federation Biographies

The Future Shape of Education and Training for the IP Profession

European Patent Office Update

EU Patent Reform

Trade Marks Update


Trends and Events 2014

IP Federation – Advancing industry’s view on intellectual property since 1920

Governance Committee Terms of Reference 2014

IP Federation annual accounts 31 December 2013

Claim format harmonisation

Copyright Update

EU Consultation on trade secrets

EU Patent Reform

Intellectual Property Bill 2013–14: Clause 13

IP Federation biographies

Patent Consultations

Patent-related incentives and impediments to transfer of technology

Patents, Trade Marks and Design Rights: Groundless Threats

Promoting clinical trials of pharmaceuticals in the UK

Draft proposal for a revised block exemption for technology transfer agreements and guidelines

The Federation’s activities

Unregistered Design Rights – Qualification


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IP Federation annual accounts 31 December 2012

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Additional Employee Inventor Compensation – A right too far?

An Update on the America Invents Act (AIA) and Strategies to Consider

Proposal for Collaborative Search and Examination (CSE) in the PCT

Copyright & Levies

European Patent Office (EPO) Update

EU Patent Reform

IP Federation biographies

Patent Box – The Basics

Revision of the rules for the assessment of licensing agreements for the transfer of technology

Patent Marking

Update on “plain” (more accurately, “standardised”) packaging

Patent Enforcement – Portugal enacts law mandating arbitration for pharmaceutical patent disputes

Reform of the UK Designs Legal Framework

Role of Government in Protecting and promoting Intellectual Property

The Federation's activities

The UK Intellectual Property Office

Trade marks update

Trends and Events 2012

Presidents of the IP Federation

Resolutions of the IP Federation Council October 2012

Articles of Association 2012

Governance Committee Terms of Reference 2012

IP Federation annual report and accounts 31 December 2011

The Federation's achievements

Draft European Commission Block Exemption Regulation on R&D Agreements

Copyright Levies

Trade marks

Hargreaves Review – Call for Evidence in the Designs Sector

Unintentional Infringement of UK and Community Rights

Commission Consultation on the Enforcement Directive

The European Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy

EU Patent Reform

Innovative tools and processes at the European Patent Office

Practical issues – selecting an expert and getting the best out of them

Preliminary injunctions alive and well – a view from Europe

The Hargreaves Review

The UK Intellectual Property Office and Ipsum

The America Invents Act

Trends and Events 2011

IP Federation annual report and accounts 31 December 2010

Governance Committee Terms of Reference

Trends and Events 2010

The Federation's achievements

The Federation on the Web

Draft European Commission Block Exemption Regulation on Research and Development Agreements

Copyright Levies

Trade Marks

Future of Design Law in UK

Review of EU Customs Anti-Counterfeiting Regulation

EU Patent Reform

European Patent Office Single Patent Process (SPP) Programme

Patent Quality

New System for Regulation of UK Lawyers including Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys


The UK Intellectual Property Office

Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property Policy (SABIP)

IP Federation biographies

Developments in the Patentability of Computer Software and Business Method Inventions

European Qualifying Examination (EQE)
Most Recent Publications

  Patents and Standards

Document No: PUB 20H/15
Posted: 04/03/2016

In October 2014, the European Commission began a public consultation on patents and standards. The aim of this consultation was to gather information and views on inter­play between standardisation and intellectual property rights (IPR) such as patents. The purpose of the consultation was to allow stakeholders interested in stan­dardisa­tion involving patents to bring to the Commission’s attention their views on:

–how the current framework governing standardisation involving patents performs; and

–how it should evolve to ensure that standardisation remains efficient and adapted to the fast-changing economic and technological environment.




  Progress on the EU Trade Secrets Directive

Document No: PUB 20I/15
Posted: 04/03/2016

Following major developments during December 2015, we can now report that the EU Trade Secrets Directive has moved to a near-final stage, with the final legislation looking likely to be passed early in the New Year. Although much remained to be finalised as recently as late autumn, a sustained push by the out-going Luxembourg Presidency of the EU Council led to several “trilogue” meetings in the early winter 2015, with a “provisional agreement” being reached on 15 December. The text in question was then released for public consump­tion on 22 December, allowing us to assess the quality and likely impact of the Directive. We can also report on the effectiveness of the IP Federation’s efforts to engage with the legislative process, which appear to have had a positive impact. 


  The Federation’s activities

Document No: PUB 20J/15
Posted: 04/03/2016

The policy papers on the website represent the views of the innovative and influen­tial com­panies which are members of the Federation. Members are con­sulted on their views and opinions and encouraged to debate and explore issues of practice and policy. Only after consensus is achieved are external bodies informed of the col­lective views of industry via the Federation.



  UK implementation and ratification of the UPC Agreement

Document No: PUB 20K/15
Posted: 04/03/2016

In summer 2014 the IPO consulted on proposed secondary legislation, namely a statutory instrument (SI), to implement the UPC Agreement into UK domestic legislation. The IP Fed­eration responded to that consultation (see Policy Paper 9/14), providing general com­ments in three key areas, namely (1) Jurisdiction (UK alignment, transitional provisions, IPO Opinions service), (2) Unitary Patent (threats and double patenting), and (3) Infringement Exceptions (specifically software interoperability, Article 27(k) UPCA).




  Why is diversity so important and why should it matter to you?

Document No: PUB 20L/15
Posted: 04/03/2016

Diversity in the workplace has long been driven by legislation (e.g. the Equality Act) and focuses partly on visible differences between people – gender, race and disability for example. These are all very important but the true value of diversity comes from the diversity of perspective that people from different backgrounds can bring to a business.
If you have a team of people around the table who were all educated and trained in a similar way and have relatively similar backgrounds, they would likely work very well together as a team with a high degree of amity.
Their shared perspective and affinity could however mean missing out on a different angle and lead to missed opportunities to innovate or be successful in a new market or even to overlooking a risk. When a team comes together that are from different backgrounds, they are better able to challenge each other, come up with new ideas, be creative and plan for risks. This is particularly important when you consider how diverse clients can be.

  Trends and Events 2015

Document No: PUB 20/15
Posted: 05/02/2016

ISSN 2046-3049

Trends and Events is our annual publication in which the Federation reviews its previous twelve months’ activities. It provides an overview of those IP issues which engaged industry during that period and tries to look beyond current issues to identify future areas of interest, activity or con­troversy.


  IP Federation Subscription Payment Policy 2015

Document No: PUB 2/15
Posted: 28/07/2015

The Federation is reliant on the subscriptions paid by its members and other contributing parties in order to carry out the objects set out in the Articles of Association. This policy sets out the process which will be followed in the event that a subscription is not paid within a specified period of that subscription becoming due.


  IP Federation Anti-Bribery Policy 2015

Document No: PUB 1/15
Posted: 28/07/2015

The IP Federation fully recognises that bribery is a scourge that must be eliminated in all business and political dealings. Not only is bribery wrong, but the slightest hint or accusation of bribery could put at risk the integrity and reputation of the Federation on which its existence and influence depends. The Federation is fully committed to the implementation of the Bribery Act 2010 (“the Act”) which introduced an offence which can be committed by commercial organisations which fail to prevent persons associated with them from carrying out acts of bribery on their behalf. The Federation has taken note of the Ministry of Justice Guidance Note under Section 9 of the Act and believes that, by implementing this policy, it will have in place “adequate procedures” as specified in section 7(2) of the Act. We believe that these procedures also meet Principles 1 to 6 of the Guidance Note.


  IP Federation annual accounts 31 December 2014

Document No: PUB 21/14
Posted: 13/04/2015

IP Federation accounts 31 December 2014: Director's Report and Unaudited Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2014


  The Intellectual Property Act 2014

Document No: PUB 20A/14
Posted: 03/03/2015

Following a huge amount of debate and controversy, the Intellectual Property Bill 2013–14 finally received Royal Assent on 14 May 2014. The majority of the provisions of the new Act came into force on 1 October 2014, including the ones which make the most difference to those of us practising in the field of IP. They are, inevitably, the introduction of new crim­inal sanctions for certain types of infringement of registered designs and the definition of those qualifying for UK unregistered design right. The IP Federation was heavily involved in lobbying activities which led to satisfactory amendments being made to the wording of the relevant provisions being considered by the House of Commons during January and March.


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