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This part of the site is up-to-date from 2004; relevant position papers prior to then are obtainable from the Secretariat.

  IPO consultation on amending the Patents Act 1977 to provide for online patent document inspection
Document No: PP 8/11   Posted: 20/04/2011

Response to the Intellectual Property Office’s formal consultation dated 31 January 2011, which sets out proposals to amend the Patents Act to provide for online patent document inspection, introducing a new section 118A into the Act which contains an exception from copyright.


  Development of a PCT third party observations system
Document No: PP 7/11   Posted: 29/03/2011

Response to WIPO Circular C. PCT 1288 containing proposals as to the details of how the International Bureau intends to implement a Third Party Observation System system under the PCT


  Unintentional infringement of UK and Community designs
Document No: PP 6/11   Posted: 21/03/2011

Response to IPO public Consultation about equalisation of remedies for unintentional design infringement launched on 1 December 2010



  Independent Review of IP and Growth - call for evidence
Document No: PP 4/11   Posted: 04/03/2011

Response to the Review of Intellectual Property and Growth: Call for Evidence with a deadline of 4 March 2011.

Contrary to the sceptical opinions held by some, the IP systems in the UK, in the rest of Europe, and elsewhere when in compliance with inter­national agreements, are generally sound. They are not broken and do not need major adjustment. The first need is to improve quality and efficiency within the existing systems.


  Examination practice in the EPO
Document No: PP 2/11   Posted: 23/02/2011

Recommendation to the European Patent Office that examiner training should take account of various points, and the Guidelines to Examination should be amplified to give them proper emphasis, namely:


  1. An iterative examination process will often be the best way of ensuring that the examiner fully appreciates the invention and the applicant’s aims, while the applicant has an adequate opportunity to respond to the examiner’s objections. It is the way to ensure that a high quality patent is granted.
  2. Telephone discussions are to be encouraged and training given to examiners to help them with this.
  3. In appropriate cases, it would be good practice for the examiner to schedule a preliminary technical conversation with the applicant, to ensure that there is a common understanding of the nature and objectives of the invention.
  4. Oral proceedings should be a matter of last resort. When they are necessary, they should be conducted by video, telephone or on-line conference if requested by the applicant.
  5. The summons to oral proceedings should clearly define the issues and new objections should, in general, not be raised in oral proceedings.

  Consultation on the introduction of a Patent Box
Document No: PP 3/11   Posted: 21/02/2011

Response to the Government’s consultation on the taxation of in­nova­tion and intellectual property with a deadline of 22 February 2011.


  Proposed Council Decision for enhanced cooperation in the creation of unitary patent protection
Document No: PP 1/11   Posted: 01/02/2011

Statement in support of the Commission’s proposal to invoke en­hanced cooperation in order to move forward with the creation of a unitary patent in Europe, as a further option for obtaining patent protection, though with concerns about any extension of the Court of Justice’s role in interpreting substantive patent law


  India compulsory licensing consultation
Document No: PP 8/10   Posted: 27/09/2010

Response to the Indian Government's Discussion Paper dealing with the subject of Compulsory Licensing of Patents


  Proposed Council Regulation on the translation arrangements for the EU Patent
Document No: PP 9/10   Posted: 23/09/2010

Statement in support of the principles expressed in the proposal for a Council Regulation (EU) on the translation arrangements for the European Union patent, issued by the Commission in July 2010


  EPO - Amendments to the Implementing Regulations - Rule 71EPC
Document No: PP 4A/10   Posted: 02/08/2010

Comments on proposed amendments to Rule 71 EPC - Examination procedure


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