IP Industrial Strategy – Call for Views

15 November 2017

As the government sets out its plans for “an ambitious new industrial strategy”, the UK IPO is seeking views to form part of their contribution to the next phase of the strategy. They are looking for views on a range of specific ways they can get innovators to work together more effectively and get the most out of their IP.

The consultation runs for five weeks, closing on 15 November 2017. Responses may be made by e-mail to Industrialstrategy@ipo.gov.uk. The IP Federation responded to the consultation today.

The annex to the consultation document sets out a number of example proposals the IPO has received, both via the Industrial Strategy Consultation and elsewhere. We have considered these and offered comments on the following:

  • Help for small businesses
  • Voluntary registers
  • Core activities

Two previous policy papers were attached to our response:

  • PP 8/17 Consultation of the HM Treasury – Financing Growth in Innovative Firms      
  • PP 6/16 BIS open consultation – National Innovation Plan – call for ideas

For full details, click HERE.

To see all our policy papers, click HERE.