Celebrating the first anniversary of the unitary patent system

31 May 2024

The IP Federation recognises a year of success of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) since it opened on 1 June 2023. In just one year, the court has taken on over 330 cases, with its local and central divisions, as well as the Court of Appeal, delivering numerous rulings and significantly altering the global handling of patent cases.

For many years, the IP Federation contributed to the positive shaping of the UPC, including its Rules of Procedure. The opening of the UPC, after more than 50 years of contentious discussions, is warmly welcomed. Obtaining a European patent with unitary effect (unitary patent), and enforcing it in the UPC, are also valuable options for patent owners in Europe under the new system.

Celebrating its first anniversary on 1 June 2024, the UPC has not only been accepted but has also established itself as an influential institution in the intellectual property landscape, driving forward the harmonisation and efficiency of patent litigation in Europe and beyond.