Archive of the IP Federation

28 July 2021

The Bodleian Libraries in Oxford has completed the cataloguing of the IP Federation Archive, and the catalogue is now online here.

The navigation box on the right shows the sections into which the archive is arranged and each section can be expanded down to individual boxes. The IP Federation’s support the cataloguing project, and the Bodleian Libraries are also most grateful to Mike Jewess for all his work on the archive, and for compiling an index which formed the basis of the catalogue.

The collection inventory comprises:

  • General papers, 1920-2012
  • General meetings, 1920-1990
  • Federation Council, 1920-1989 and 2010
  • Federation Council: Minutes, 1920-1989 and 2010
  • Federation Council: Documents, 1942-1989
  • Patents Committee, 1923-1989
  • Merchandise/Trade Marks Committee, 1913-1989
  • Licensing and Competition Law Committee, 1975-1989
  • Copyright and Designs Committee, 1987
  • Monthly Reports, 1952-1989 and 2020
  • Federation publications, 1943-2017