The IP Federation and the IP Minister(s)

Document No: PUB 20P/22 Posted: 06 March 2023

This is not the original opening line of this piece. Just a week before this article’s deadline, it started, “By the time you read this there may be a new IP Minister”. Fast forward a week or so, and there was a new Prime Minister. Jacob Rees-Mogg, the former Business Secretary in whose department an IP Minister worked, had just resigned. His IP Minister, Dean Russell, was in the post for only 6 weeks. New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had yet to appoint a Minister for IP. As if that wasn’t enough, between then and publication of this IP Federation Review, a new Department for Science, Innovation and Technology has been established as part of a wider departmental and ministerial reorganisation. It is there, not in the new Business and Trade Department, that responsibility for IP now resides. Which brings me back to my original sentence. By the time you read this there may be a new IP Minister.