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14 December 2010

The annual newsletter in which the Federation reviews its previous twelve months’ activities, Trends and Events 2010, has now been published. It provides an overview of those IP issues which engaged industry during that period and tries to look beyond current issues to identify future areas of interest, activity or con­troversy.

Trends and Events 2010 is available on this site, together with PDF versions of the individual articles. As well as the President’s Intro­duc­tion, it includes articles on the following:
IP Federation
  • The Federation’s achievements
  • The Federation on the Web 
  • Draft European Commission Block Exemption Regulation on Research and Development Agreements 
Copyright, Trade Marks and Designs
  • Copyright Levies
  • Trade Marks
  • Future of Design Law in UK 
European Issues
  • Review of EU Customs Anti-Counterfeiting Regulation
  • EU Patent Reform
  • European Qualifying Examination (EQE)
  • European Patent Office Single Patent Process (SPP) Programme 
  • Patent Quality
  • Developments in the Patentability of Computer Software and Business Method Inventions 
Practice Matters
  • New System for Regulation of UK Lawyers including Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys
  • Privilege 
UK Issues
  • The UK Intellectual Property Office
  • StrategicAdvisory Board for Intellectual Property Policy (SABIP) 
IP Federation Biographies

Previous Articles

  • Panel of experts advising independent review into IP and growth announced 

    The Intellectual Property Office in the UK has announced in a press release... 
    (December 08, 2010)
  • IP Federation supports on-line file inspection 

    The President of the IP Federation has written to John Alty, Chief Executive... 
    (October 26, 2010)
  • IP Federation supports proposed Council Regulation on patent translations 

    The IP Federation has issued a statement in support of the principles expressed... 
    (September 24, 2010)
  • IP Federation elects new President, James Hayles, effective 9 July 2010. 

    The IP Federation is pleased to announce that Mr James Hayles has been elected... 
    (July 12, 2010)
  • IP Federation appoints new Secretary, David England 

    The IP Federation has appointed a new Secretary, David England, effective... 
    (June 03, 2010)