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Proposal to amend the marking provisions for registered designs

26 November 2014

The IP Federation has issued a policy paper on virtual marking for designs.

Extending the new patent marking provisions introduced by section 15 of the Intel­lectual Property Act 2014 to registered designs would benefit all those working in the design industry. Indeed, until the virtual marking provisions recently brought in for patents are extended to registered designs, the accepted benefits of virtual patent marking cannot be realised by IP owners and third parties because manu­facturers will still need to mark their products with respect to registered designs, and third parties will need to look for information in separate places. The eco­nomic benefits of virtual marking will not be realised until the burden of physical marking is completely removed.

Furthermore it would be extremely beneficial if proprietors could refer to a single internet link which lists details of all the relevant registered rights, patents and/or registered designs, pertaining to a particular product. A further advantage is that the introduction of these provisions would also simplify marking across territories.

For full details, click HERE.

To see all our policy papers, click HERE.

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